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Give Your Pool the Attention It Deserves

Find pool maintenance services with Pool & Spa Services, Inc. in Hollywood, FL and surrounding areas

Pool maintenance is important for the health of your pool. If you're not careful, your pool and the area around it can turn into its own ecosystem. Work with us to schedule professional maintenance for your pool or spa.

We can schedule weekly services so you don't have to worry about completing the task on your own. We offer a month-to-month package that includes all chemicals. Just schedule a time and give us a key or security combination, and we'll get the job done.

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Keep your pool in good condition

If you don't have the knowledge or time to maintain your pool on a regular basis, let us take on the task for you. We'll get your pool in the best condition for swimming with:

  • Chemical maintenance
  • Filter and basket cleaning
  • Pool vacuuming

Consult with Pool & Spa Services, Inc. about your pool maintenance needs.